Educational Summer Camp

Summer Educational Camp

Living as a child in a deprived refugee camp means little fresh air, cramped spaces, compromised educational attention and little space to be carefree. This annual camp provides a week away for these children, with no financial burden on their families. Many of these young refugees have faced unimaginable hardship as a result of conflicts and war in their homelands. By creating this relaxed educational and recreational space for them, we attempt to counter some of the disastrous affects of this on the children and their families, as well as aiming to provide any medical or psychological care needed.

Educational interactive lessons are given to improve their level of English Language including reading, writing and speaking, as we found that school curriculums in Lebanon are mostly taught in English and refugee children were often lagging given the circumstances. The aim of these lessons is to increase the children’s confidence in learning English, aiming to break the barrier of fear and apprehension in relation to acquiring a second language. Providing this opportunity for the refugees improves the chances of them thriving and succeed in a new and daunting environment.

Recreational activities are also taught alongside this by professional volunteers in different fields including programming, robotics, mental arithmetic, gardening, horse riding, swimming and much more. This allows the children to explore and find what they enjoy and are good at, in hope that it may be the initial step for them to realize their potential.

Other health and well being services, often not readily available to children raised in refugee camps, are provided by qualified professionals such as doctors, dentists, psychologists and more. Follow up is undertaken with the particularly affected children and their families by the professionals wherever needed.

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